Tour Hours
Monday - Thursday 12pm - 5pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Our tours show you the entire distillery process, starting from a grain of barley and ending with bottle of award winning whiskey
The tour lasts approximately 20 minutes. The tour could last a few minutes longer depending on questions from the group. If you purchase merchandise or our spirits the tour is free. Without purchase the charge is $5 per person. Photos are permitted. The tour is wheel chair accessible with one small ramp. 
Groups of 15 or more individuals or if you have questions call 334-294-6505.  Walk-ins are welcome.  Just tell the on duty bartender you are here for a tour and we'll be glad to show you our distillery.
What your will see during the tour
Barrel Storage Room - Your tour will start with a short walk to the barrel storage room where we will talk about all aspects of maturing our whiskey in charred white oak barrels.
Warehouse -  We will talk about ingredients we store for making our spirits.
Production area - Here we will review the entire process of spirit production which includes mashing, fermentation and distillation. 
Bottling line - Our bottling process is simple but effective, allowing us to bottle ten of thousands of bottles each year. 
Test still area - You'll take a look at our test still and hear about some of our successes and failures during recipe development. 
Wrap up discussion - While we encourage questions during the tour we will wrap up the tour with a short question and answer session.  Then its off to the tasting room to taste our spirits.


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John Emerald
Barrel Room 2_edited.jpg
The Barrel Room
Tasting Room

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Opelika, Alabama

Tasting room photo credit Jessica Nichole Williams