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Our Spirits 

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The John Emerald Line Up

John's Alabama Single Malt Whiskey

A single malt whiskey made in the American Single Malt style. Also the first whiskey to be legally made in Alabama in 100 years.

Made with 100% malted barley and smoked with peach and pecan wood, this whiskey drinks sweet and smooth.  A true Alabama whiskey experience. Learn more about John Emerald. the namesake of our Whiskey Here.

Awards: Silver Medal - San Francisco International Spirits Awards - Bronze Medal - New York International Spirits Competition

John Emerald's Purveyor's Series Double Oak Bourbon

A smooth bourbon with a leather and sandalwood nose and the sweetness of caramel on the palette that finishes with oak.

John Emerald's Purveyor's Series Double Wood Rye

A spicy rye whiskey with a smooth, sweet note of molasses with a pepper, pecan and smoke finish.

Gene's Spiced Rum

Made from local sugar cane grown in Headland, Alabama and evaporated sugar cane juice from Florida. Top quality ingredients place our Spiced Rum above the rest. Madagascar grade A bourbon vanilla beans, Indonesian cinnamon sticks, star anise pods from Southern China and Alabama pecans make this Southern spirit a world class product. Learn more about Gene. the namesake of our spiced rum, Here.

Awards: 2016 Alabama Rum Distillery of the Year - 2019 Silver Medal, Las Vegas Proof Awards. 

Spurgeon's Barrel Aged Rum

This is Alabama sipping rum at it's finest. The first Rum made in Alabama. Spurgeon's is barrel aged in our used single malt whiskey barrels for two years giving it taste like no other. Sweet woody complexity comes with every sip. Learn more about Spurgeon. the namesake of our barrel aged rum, Here.

Awards: Silver Medal, San Francisco International Spirits Awards

Sarah's Silver Rum

Made from local sugar cane grown in Headland, Alabama and evaporated sugar cane juice from Florida. Top quality ingredients translate to a premium silver rum.  Learn more about Sarah. the namesake of our Sarah's Silver Rum, Here.

Elizabeth Vodka

Our Alabama vodka is the first of its kind in Alabama.  A corn based vodka that is triple filtered to smooth out its demeanor. Learn more about Elizabeth. the namesake of our Vodka, Here.

Awards: Gold Medal, American Distilling Institute - Best in Class, American Distilling Institute

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Barrel Rum5
Silver Rum

Hugh Wesley's Gin

A botanical forward gin made from wild foraged juniper berries, anise, orange peel, cucumbers and pecans.

 Awards: Silver Medal, San Francisco International Spirits Awards - Silver Medal, Las Vegas Proof Awards.


Hugh Wesley's Barrel Rested Gin

Aged to perfection in spent single malt whiskey barrels that impart notes of caramel and smoke complimenting the anise and pecan notes of the gin. 

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Leslie's Muscadine Brandy

Made from Alabama muscadine wine this unique brandy is barrel aged in spent single malt barrels giving the brandy a 

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