Alabama Whiskey Rising

We have all heard of Tennessee and Kentucky whiskey, but what about Alabama whiskey?

For over 100 years whiskey sprang from illegal stills in the woods of Alabama. But in 2015, John Emerald Distilling Company of Opelika, Alabama distilled a distinctive whiskey that can truly be called Alabama Whiskey. This whiskey is not Bourbon, Corn or Scotch whiskey, but a distinctive style of whiskey only distilled and bottled in Alabama.

John’s Alabama Single Malt whiskey is Alabama’s whiskey. This malt whiskey is made from 100% malted barley of which a portion is smoked with peach and pecan wood. Born and matured in Alabama, this whiskey joins Southern cuisine in the resurgence of all things Southern. Like our Southern food this spirit has an innate sense of character and soul.

“When we started John Emerald we wanted to produce a whiskey that was different from every other whiskey out there, a truly unique whiskey that could rise to the level of a specific style, Alabama Whiskey,” said John Sharp, co-owner and distillery.

Jimmy Sharp, co-owner and master distiller added, “We set out to make a top shelve whiskey that we and all of Alabama could be proud of, and I think we have done just that.”

John Emerald’s award winning John’s Alabama Single Malt Whiskey is now waving the Alabama banner in 5 states; Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and in a few weeks will be representing Alabama in New York City establishments across Manhattan and up the Hudson river.

“We have family with establishments in Manhattan and the Hudson river town of Peekskill, NY and they are super excited about bringing part of their heritage to New York.” said John Sharp.

John Emerald Distilling Company is the largest distillery in Alabama with continuing growth across the Southeast and beyond.

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