Hand Sanitizer Information

Our hand sanitizing liquid is being produced according to FDA guidelines.  It is 70% ethyl alcohol (active ingredient) proofed with highly purified water.  It also contains glycerin and hydrogen peroxide as inactive ingredients. 


Prices are as follows:

10 oz spritz bottle- $4

32 oz jug - $9

1 gallon jug or bucket - $28

5 gallon bucket (1-24 buckets) - $130

We are open for sanitizer sales Mon-Thurs 12-10  and Fri-Sat 12-11.  Pre-ordering of less than 20 gallons is not required.  


Shipping is available.  Email becky@johnemeralddistilling.com to place a bulk order of more than 20 gallons, to request an order to be shipped, or if you have any questions.