Hand Sanitizer Information

Our hand sanitizing liquid is being produced according to FDA guidelines.  It is 70% ethyl alcohol (active ingredient) proofed with highly purified water.  It also contains glycerin and hydrogen peroxide as inactive ingredients. 


We will be resupplied with hand sanitizer on Friday May 29th.  Prices are as follows:

10 oz*- $3 - bring your own container

32 oz - $9

1 gallon - $28

5 gallon bucket (1-24 buckets) - $130

5 gallon bucket (25-49 buckets) $125

5 gallon bucket (50+ buckets) - $120

We are open for sanitizer sales Mon-Thurs 12-10  and Fri-Sat 12-11.  Pre-ordering is not required.  If you need to make a bulk order of 20 gallons or more for pick-up, if you would like to place an order for shipping (5 gallon buckets only), if you need an invoice before pick-up, or if you have any other questions, please fill out this Google Form.