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When it came time to name our new venture the idea to honor our forefathers in this endeavor rang true. So our company carries John Emerald’s name and our products bear homage to the great men and women of our family. 

We honor their Spirits with the Spirits we create.

John Emerald Sharp

John Emerald is the namesake of our distillery and our signature spirit, John's Alabama Single Malt Whiskey.

John Emerald Sharp lived a life to be proud of, a life of integrity and honor with love for God, his fellow man and his family. We think the spirit of John Emerald resides in each and every bottle of John Emerald Single Malt. A spirit like John that’s smart, adventurous, playful and brings out the best in life.


Gene was a fun loving guy with an infectious smile. His happy side was countered by a straight forward personality. Like Gene, JED’s Spiced Rum has a firm foundation, mixed with spices for a “fun loving” flavor.



Hugh Wesley

Throughout his life Hugh was a wise visionary with a spirit of adventure, a man not afraid to think out of the box, much like the Gin that that carries his name. 


Elizabeth fits everyother lady in our family.  However, one special lady stands out among them all.  Clara Elizabeth was a stong woman with a loving heart.  We certainly hope she is proud to be the namesake of our Elizabeth Vodka.  I suppose we'll all get to find out someday.


Somehow we think Spurge would be proud to be the name sake of our rum. Spurgeon was a big man with a gruff exterior and a gentle interior. His spirit was bold, feisty, cocky and kind all at the same time. We here at John Emerald would like to think our Alabama Rum embodies the spirit of Spurge.

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